Waste Management

Waste collection and management play an extremely important role in the global cleanliness and sustainability drive, with people’s health and the conservation of critical resources. In Pakistan alone, roughly 20 million tons of solid waste is generated annually, with an annual growth rate of about 2.4%. We believe in giving something valuable back to the world at large. As per our Sustainability Challenge 2022, we aim to produce 25% less waste by the year 2022 by continuously reusing and recycling instead of merely discarding the waste. We will also ensure responsible disposal of unavoidable waste and eliminate any chance of hazardous material ending up in the landfills. We don’t want to be a “Wasteful Economy” rather intend to pursue the course “Linear to Circular” with the end objective of NO RESOURCE IS WASTED IN OUR PRODUCT.

Reduce Waste by 25%
Continuous improvement in
Reuse of waste
Recycling of waste

Zero hazardous waste to landfill