Materials & Technology

A lot of resources are consumed from the growth of the cotton crop to producing a pair of jeans. The increased demands of fast fashion put more even further stress on these resources. At US Group, we are committed to a “Responsible Production” and we approach our product development in a manner that makes use of sustainable materials progressively, whether natural alternatives or recycled, as a mandatory part of the process. Under our Sustainability Challenge 2022, we have vowed to improve the use of sustainably grown materials by 10%, use at least 5% recycled material to progress towards a 100% circular economy. We believe that technological disruption encompassing digital, physical, and biological, is the most important enabler towards greener products. We are making sure that we constantly invest and deploy technology that is more efficient and enables smarter use of resources to reduce environmental impact.

10% improvement in the use of Sustainably Grown Materials
Use of at least 5% Recycled Materials
Reduce environmental impact through Technology