Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

Climate change, for the worse, has been destabilizing the Earth’s temperature equilibrium and has destructive effects on human beings and the environment. We are incessantly witnessing environmental catastrophes on the rise in intensity, multiplicity, and frequency. The main culprit behind this is the excessive emission of Green House Gases, and it becomes a collective responsibility of all the producers to reduce these emissions, and not just in words but actions also. Our commitment to the Sustainability Challenge 2022 is not greenwashed, in fact, it is a transparent project that helps us attain our targets without any glitches. It is an old paradigm, that being conscious of environmental aspects is detrimental for the bottom line of the business.

We believe that this consciousness is our business imperative. We don’t want our products to be called “Green” as it is static. Rather we aspire our products to be “Greener”. We are dedicated to slashing our carbon footprint to a minimum threshold with our first step being our commitment to reducing GHG emissions by 40% by the end of the year 2022. We intend, not to leave behind a legacy that is unfavorable for the planet and future generations. We believe that our success is associated with working towards our triple bottom line, People, Planet, and Profit.

Reduce GHG emissions by 40%