Gender Diversity

A sustainable development pathway that has an explicit commitment to gender equality and seeks to enhance women’s capabilities, respect, and protects their rights, is a fundamental aspect of our Sustainability Challenge 2022. To navigate the uncertainties and new opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the textile sector and others need to increase diversity within their talent pools and their leadership. To make the most of this moment for improving business performance in high-growth sectors and supporting progress towards gender parity at all levels of employment. Traditionally, the Denim industry has always been a male-dominated one, we at the US Group realize the critical importance of understanding the barriers hindering parity across distinct sectors.

To harmonize strategies for effectively overcoming these hurdles, we are devoting time and creating a culture of diversity & inclusion with a balanced workforce, and promoting fair representation of both genders in the workforce. Being a progressive employer, we have started working on fit-to-role talent acquisition without any prejudices of historically gender-defined roles. By 2022, we aim to achieve a minimum of 20% female inclusion in our workforce while addressing the infrastructural and logistics irritants. We believe only a culture of promoting equal opportunity can lead to a better tomorrow.

20% Female population