Energy Management

This earth is the only home we have ever known, there is no other place for mankind to go and sustain life. It is imperative that we humans, realize the significance of mending our ways to protect this planet and do everything our power to go green. We need to be considerate of the limited resources we have and how we are consuming them. Sustainability has always been a heart-centered vision at the US Group, we are constantly improving our processes and have already set a course to reduce our energy consumption by 45% by the end of the year 2022. To achieve this goal, we aim to slash our consumption of electricity, compressed air, steam, and natural gas, each by 10% by rigorously analyzing our consumption patterns, educating employees for smart economical energy usage, investing in the latest technology, and process re-engineering for better energy management, and sustainable approach to denim. We all need to gear up today for a better, safe, and healthy tomorrow.

Reduce Energy (KWHe) consumption by 45%.
10% (Year-on-Year) reduction in consumption of
Compressed Air
Natural Gas & LPG