Chemical Management

The impact of toxic chemicals on the environment and human health is a cause of increasing concern and a major hindrance towards achieving sustainability goals. Denim is subjected to several chemical intensive washes during manufacturing and achieve the aesthetics, and other decorative touches that we all love to wear. However, the use of chemicals entails many risks including safety in the manufacturing process, hazardous effluents for the environment, and deterrence to the recycling of products. Elimination of these risks has been a major concern for the Denim industry. Being a responsible manufacturer, US Group has always strived to use safer & greener chemicals through a proper Chemical Management System to ensure 100% compliance with global regulations including MRSL and RSL. By 2022, we also aim to reduce the use of chemicals by 20% and follow the trajectory from green to greener chemistry.

Chemicals play an essential role in our product lifecycle but, unfortunately a lot of risks are involved in the process. We desire is to develop better and safer processes for our products without compromising on consumer preferences.

100% Compliance with MRSL
Reduce use of Chemicals by 20%