Take your next steps toward shrinking the denim footprint

The US Group pays for clean production, selects suppliers who do the same, and invests in new ways to help our clients lead the fashion industry in creating more sustainable jeans.


Plant-wide improvements that cut energy and water use while reducing pollution and our carbon impact. Two examples:

  • Chemistries and machines that cut effluent-treatment loads, and treatment plant expansion to exceed global standards.
  • New heat and cooling water recovery methods, along with LED lighting, hyper-efficient motors and more, saving thousands of tons of carbon.


More equipment and options that can further reduce the water, chemicals and energy needed to make a pair of jeans. Among these new capabilities:

  • Converting finishing methods to waterless recipes.
  • A range of new washing equipment that offers dramatic improvements in water and energy savings as well as quality.
  • We’re now Pakistan’ s largest producer of lasered denim, working with Jeanologia on this cleaner new finishing option .


Research to develop more sustainable choices, like recycled fabric and plastic, alternative renewable fibers and more: Some highlights:

  • We’re using BCI cotton, and we’re ready to meet a growing demand for certified, traceable Organic cotton.
  • Cellulose from sustainable forestry, with Ecolable life-cycle data, options for blends with recycled cotton, and closed-loop processing.
  • Choose how much Pre- or post-consumer recycled cotton to add to almost any fabric, or explore a range of Repreve recycled polyester possibilities.

And partnerships to:

  • ensure certified supplies,
  • develop better standards, and
  • enhance monitoring.

US Group is in process of AWS certification.
Audit for certification will take place on December 30,31 2019 and January 1,2 2020